Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mr Stephen McGann
This site will be well worth checking out. I worked with Stephen for a few years and hope to again soon. He is a very talented artist and an amazing animator. Anyway, here is his new blog. It speaks for itself. Stephen was always playing tricks on the other animators in the studio, his favourite being a Mr Rob Etchingham. You where in for umm....a treat if you got him as your Kris Kindle!

Wall-E Doodle

This is just a gilldoodle of Wall.E I did while waiting eagerly for the new Pixar movie. I watched the latest trailers and an interview with Andrew Stanton about the other robots in the movie. As if Wall. E himself wasn't cute enough then they introduce M-O. There is going to be a cute overload...I love it...and did I mention I cannot wait for the movie, only a month left. Yeay!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Clown Part 2

This is for a couple of people who where having trouble making out the clown. I wasn't gonna put this up and just leave them to figure it out but is nice to keep any traffic(I am sure it is not many) coming through to visit my blog.... So here it is all explained!