Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween at Bouldermedia

I thought I would just stick some piccys up of lastweeks Halloween Fancy Dress in Boulder. People made such a brill effort with their costumes. There was a Satan, a Hobbit, a Giant Dracula Legoman, Robots, ComicBook Characters, a Clown, a few Wearwolves and manys an insect buzzin about.

I took the more sinister approach, Samara from "The Ring"

The winner for best costume, Dracula LegoMan takes it all and well deserved ..... BORJA! BORJA! He made the whole thing from scratch with his bare hands.
Stairs: A LegoMans Worst Nightmare
Check this out, hilarious!
Borja getting a helping hand off Fran getting up the stairs in the Studio.