Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finch, Darwin and what's left of the Mob

To make up for the complete lack of recent artwork in the last couple of months, which I had already made an excuse for in my last pathetic post I decided to show you all my fish. Darwin (those of you who I work with will know why I picked this name) is the one with what looks like he is wearing and orange swimming cap, an Oranda. Finch is the big black one, a Black Moor and then if you look really closely there is one of the mob, a Minnow he is really small. There used to be two more in his gang but due to unfortunate mobster activity in their bowl they sadly passed away. I only bought Darwin at the weekend and he seems to be fitting in quite nicely although Finch has to be quicker for his food now. Which he always finds hard to see because his ginormous bulbous eyes are at the side of his head.

Hope to post something exciting (art) really soon.


1 comment:

Fran Johnston said...

looks like they just chase each other around in circles all day!