Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boulder V's Brown Bag

Well it all kicked off last Friday evening in UCD for the game of the year. Bouldermedia versus Brown Bag Films in a game of soccer. The atmosphere was excellent between Paddy's dodgy belly at lunch(nerves) and all the game tactics being discussed throughout Friday in work. Allan and Jamie mustn't have got any work done at all(he,he,he). I must admit I am no soccer fan but I was well excited to get out there and cheer for the Boulder boys and Bianca!

Boulder Team: Finbar Coyle, Stephen Mooney, Peter Slattery, Jamie Teehan, Fran Johnston, Mick O' Sullivan, Bianca Beneduci, Chris (The Guns) O'Hara, Mick Plummer, Allan White, Paddy Gamble, Stephen Kelly and Tom Galvin in goals and Brendan "The Legend" Harris
Unfortunatly, Brown Bag took home the trophy, with a score of 4-2 but Boulder put up one hell of a fight. With Brendan scoring a super goal in the last few seconds for Boulder. So it was out in town for beers and dancin afterwards. Everybody had such a great time :)
Bring on the next challenge!
Thanks to Allan White, Ste O' Connor and Estrela Lourenco for the photos I stole!!!

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