Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Is there anybody out there ?!?!

Is there anybody still out there?!?
Well, I wouldn't be suprised if there wasn't after the absence of posts over the last 3 months or longer. So I am going to try incredibly hard to post more artwork and in the meantime distract you with some megga cute pictures I took of my best pal Ben. Isn't he too cute :)

Why the absence? Well Boulder finished up on Gumball and has been preparing for a new "Big Project" that will be starting very soon. All very exciting with alot of new staff starting in the next few months and a newly renovated studio. All very exciting indeed. Time just seems to be passing too quickly and mulitasking has become a bit of a talent for quite a few of us here!

So hope to post something soon and keep up with more regular artwork. I always said I wouldn't let the blog go...and I ment it.

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