Friday, April 20, 2012

Art Auction

My Birdy Pieces
Estrela and Bianca from work set up a very sucessful charity Art Auction in work for the Somaly Mam Foundation. We all submitted art work that would go up for auction in Bouldermedia . The outcome was a whopping 2000 euro in total for the charity. I submitted some little inked birdy drawings that went down pretty well...I have to say I was delighted with how they were received. Thanks everyone who bought them, made my day!

The Shining
I purchased this painting of Jack Nicholson from one very talented Paul O'Flanagan

Some of the other pieces up for Auction

Here is just a taster of some of the othere artwork that was up for auction, you can see more on the Bouldermedia Art Show Facebook Page. Well done girls for such a sucessful event. May we do it again really soon, it was great fun!

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