Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Premieres in the US

Take a look at the title sequence done for Randy. This was done by Passion Pictures they did an awesome job, gotta love the theme tune too.....

Doesn't seem like the last time I posted anything about this was back in May, how time flys...seriously can't believe it.

Well for the last however long I have been working on a project called, Randy Cunningham-Ninth Grade Ninja created by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, for the Disney XD chanel. I am both Bouldermedia's Animation Director (along with Paul O'Flanagan, Jamie Teehan and Stephen McGann) and Animator on the show with Bouldermedia based in Dublin.

Randy Cunnigham-Ninth Grade Ninja Episode One
"Last Stall on the Left"
Artwork by Jack Cusumano

Randy got it's offical US release last week in the US and seems to be getting a great reaction. Unfortunatly we European viewers will have to wait eagerly till the 8th of November to feast our eyes on the one and only Randy Cunnigham-Ninth Grade Ninja....No Fair!
But if you wanna keep in the loop with all the Randy business come along and join the fan base on FaceBook

Randy Cunnigham Premiere in the Fonda Theatre, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA. Shame we live in Ireland, we miss all the fun!! Hope everyone had a great time alot of hard work has gone into this project from all corners. Bouldermedia (us whoop, whoop....not biased at all me...no!) Titmouse, Passion Pictures and Windmill Lane Post Production 

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