Friday, October 17, 2014

Limited Edition Prints

I was asked to do a little picture to be part of a limited edition print collection at The Animation Art Show this year. So here is my contribution, whadoyaknow more Monsters and Birds. This is a refreshed version of a little flash sketch I did yonks ago.
There will be only five 8"x10" high quality signed pieces from 7 different artists, me, Paul O' Flanagan, Chris O'Hara, Eimhin McNamara, Ciaran Duffy, Stephen McGann and Lousie Bagnall. All print were done in the Copper House Gallery and they did a beautiful job.
So if your not lucky enough to bag yourself a piece at the auction there is still hope with you going home with something special.

Opening night tonight...Temple Bar Gallery 6.00pm. Be there or not be there the choice is your but you'll be missing out.



Angela Sandberg said...

Oooo, lovely! I like the simplicity of it all.

Gillian Comerford said...

Thanks you Angela :)