Tuesday, September 18, 2007


What is a Scangers favourite pet?
A Chi-Whaa-Whaa!

This is the latest addition to the Boulder Blog. The theme was Scangers....To which some people will not know the correct meaning......
SCANGER or skanger is a derogatory term for a stereotypical member of a youth subculture group in Ireland, similar to the chav in the United Kingdom.
The stereotypical scanger is known to wear a tracksuit, gold jewellery, a replica football shirt (especially Celtic F.C, athelitic shoes, tattoos, fake Burberry caps, gold piercings, is from a working class area, and speaks with an exaggerated accent. Male scangers tend to have cropped ((Commonly Bleached)) haircuts and drive cars with loud sound and exhaust systems and tend to be called boy racers due to their tendency to drive at speed, Pyjamams, bleached-blonde hair and large hoop earrings are popular with howiyas (females).Scangers have a reputation for anti-social behaviour.

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