Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our Trip to L.A for The Emmy's

Shortly after the Emmy nomination my boss asked myself, Paul and Dave if we would like to head over to L.A for the ceremony.....Our answers where, Hell Yeah! Two weeks later after panicing over cocktail dresses and shoes we arrived in Los Angeles.

Myself, Paul,Mike Moon, Dave(Bg God) and Rob in the Disney H.Q the day we arrived in L.A.

After quite a brief encounter with the Red Carpet. This was taken in the Shrine, the venue for the 2007 Emmy's. Sitting down for 4 hours is tough I tells you, tough!

This was the ball afterwards. We where on the upper level looking down on the cheesy rotating jazz band. The bars where all made out of ice. That was pretty deadly!

This is Tammy, Vince, Chiro and Michelle.

and finally the usual crew along with Dave Thomas and Jorge Guitierrez (creator of El Tigre)of Nickeleodeon.

Oh, we never won the Emmy but who cares we where nominated and that meant alot too. The experience was amazing and we got to meet some really fantastic people. We'll just have to go back again and next time WIN!

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Gus Hughes said...

This is feckin sweet. Congrats on the nomination. high five. All the hard work was worth because the show is great.