Friday, April 10, 2009

Ben, my rescue dog.

Hey now everybody. Here is some great news. I have adopted a little Shih Tzu, now called Ben. After the tragic loss of Molly the house felt so empty so I decided to adopt a rescue dog. I found Ben on the website by a total fluke. So I rang straight away to see if he still needed a home. A week later, he was rehomed with me and is doing really well. Ben was found totally neglected, matted and underweight. He is such a clever, happy, effectionate little dude. I am so chuffed he is living with us now.
The people at The Friends of Ben Dog Rescue Centre do some seriously amazing work for animals that have been thrown by the wayside and forgotten about or abused. It is heartbreaking to see so many dogs on SO MANY websites looking for homes. So if any of you out there are looking for a new family pet. Maybe try a rescue centre instead, rather than a brand new puppy and give some little runt a fresh go at a deadly new life.
I know it sounds like one of those save the animals ads but it's true. Ireland should be ashamed of the neglect of so many of their animals. Some of these Irish rescue centres/ pounds send off dogs to other countries to be rehomed because those countries don't have these enormous problems with stray dogs.
That's my rant done with for now.

Don't you think he looks a bit like an Ewok ?!?

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Patty said...

Ben is soooo cute! And, yes, he does look like an ewok. Thanks for giving him a home. We have the same problem in the US: too many dogs and not enough homes. I wish more people would adopt from a shelter or rescue group.